Chapter Donors

Each year, when a member completes their membership renewal, they are offered a chance to donate to the Omicron Delta chapter and/or STTI.  In 2017, the chapter received over $1700 in member donations.  We are so thankful for our generous members as it allows the chapter an opportunity to help with something that had not been budgeted for that fiscal year.  Any time that we are able to contact an organization and offer a donation to help - it makes everyone so happy and it is really a rewarding experience. 

The Omicron Delta Board of Directors will meet in the fall and will determine how we can use this year's donations to help a nurse or organization.  We will solicit feedback from our 2017 donors so we can all be a part of this service opportunity.  We will announce it on the Circle and in our newsletter when the donation has been made. We would really like to thank our 2017 member donors and we hope you understand the gift that you are giving really means a lot to anyone that receives it!


2017 Chapter Donors: 

Eddie Acosta; Vicki Adams, Cathy Allen, Rita Bagby; Gloria Bearce; Mattie Blake; Shelley Bloom; Jeanette Bowers; Carolina Breher; Alma Britt; Juanita Brosco Cooper; Donna Callas; Alison Collins; Caroldeen Combs-Sampaga; Barbara Crump; Lynne Day; Marcia D'oyly; Debora Dunbar; Antoinette Dziedzic; Grace Edwards; Joy Ekpo; Lisa Eldridge-Murphy; Leticia Estavillo; Mercedes Garcia; Donna Garrett; Tia Londia Guillen; Dixie Rae Hansen; Rebecca Harper; Kathleen Hawkins; Ginger Jensen; Lynn Kimmel; Marilyn Kutrip; Gwendolyn Lancaster; Carolyn Lapaglia; Melissa Lavery; Carmen Marti; Beverly McLawyer; Susan Nunez; Sharon Pickett; Pamela Sue Porter; Marjorie Ramos; Mary Harvel Sas; Deborah Watkins; Alice Wright and Elena Young. 


Foundation for Nursing Donors: 

Marianne Baril; Alice Beary; Cristina Crave; Katie Chargualaf; Caroldeen Combs-Sampaga; Kathleen Dawson; Rita Debonis; Lisa Eldridge-Murphy; Robly Evans; Marilyn Klakovich; Carole Liske; Pamela Porter; Darin Prescott; Susan Quilalang; Sharon Saidi; Angela Strawn; Karen Thomas; Rosemary Williams; Alice Wright. 

Virginia Henderson Foundation Donors:  

Carole Liske; Nancy Stuever; Sandra Wise