General Membership Meeting

Calling all Members!!!  Don't miss the General Membership Meeting!

The Omicron Delta Chapter holds their General Membership Meeting online through The Circle.  This allows all members, regardless of where they live, to participate at a time that is convenient for them.  To participate, members simply log on to The Circle with their e-mail and member number.  They may view the discussion threads and post as much or as little as they would like.  CE credits are available free of charge to any member that completes the online course and the associated course requirements.

Title:  Leaders Fostering Excellence in Education and Practice
Dates:  September 27-30, 2018 ( A check in thread will be posted on the Circle on the 27th to get the meeting started)
Discussion Page:  GM Discussion Threads
Meeting Materials:  Webinar
Course Evaluation: Once you have viewed the webinar, please complete the Course Evaluation.

Officer Reports:  
President Report
Treasurer Report
Vice President (Member Engagement) Report
Director of Membership Engagement Report
Counselor Report (Eligibility, Induction and Membership)
Immediate Past President (Service) Report
Leadership Succession Report
Director of Operations Report

This is a meeting you don't want to miss!  It is the one time a year where members come to the Circle to meet each other and engage in discussions.  It is a fantastic event!  In 2017, the chapter hosted a General Membership Meeting that focused on the topic of the Opiod Crisis.  It was a lively discussion and very interesting to see nurses from many different areas come together through discussion with individual perspectives and ideas for dealing with this issue.  We know that this year is going to be just as great!