Induction Ceremonies

Induction Ceremonies

Omicron Delta will typically host a few inductions each year.  At least one will be in a face to face format and at least one will be a virtual option.  New members are not required to attend a ceremony but they are encouraged for those that would like to celebrate their accomplishment. A small fee is required to cover the costs of the induction refreshments and room rental.  There is no charge for those that would like to attend the virtual induction. 

Membership packets are mailed directly by STTI and generally go out within 60 days of your induction date.  Membership packets include a membership card and certificate but not an honor cord. 

If you wish to purchase an honor cord, please use the link provided:  STTI Honor Cord

If you would like to register for one of the inductions below, please use the Induction RSVP System.  

The 2018 induction schedule will be released in March of 2018.  Tentatively, the chapter is planning on a virtual induction in the spring and a virtual induction in the fall.  There are also plans to try and have a face to face induction in Phoenix, AZ with graduation.  As soon as all of the dates have been confirmed, they will be posted on this page.  

Virtual Induction
Virtual Induction Page

If you would like to attend a virtual induction, you may use the Induction RSVP system listed above to express your interest.  When you register, you do not need to submit an induction fee.  Once your RSVP is received, your name will be put on the virtual induction registration list and you will receive an email with details for logging into the ceremony closer to the date of the ceremony.  If you have any questions about the induction options, please email us at: