Get Involved with Omicron Delta

Have you opted in to receive notifications about opportunities with the Omicron Delta Chapter?  If not - here is how you do it: 

Becoming a Volunteer

  • If you would like to be a volunteer, please follow these instructions. 
  • Go the chapter’s web page: 
  • Log in and you will see a yellow box in the top right hand corner that has a triangle on it.  Click on the triangle. 
  • Then click on “Profile”. 
  • Under “my profile” – click on the blue triangle and select “volunteer profile”. 
  • Under the purple menu bar there is a question that says “Invite me to volunteer when opportunities match my experience?”  If it has “no” listed then click on “no” and it will change to a blue “yes”.  
  • Next, click on the yellow box next to “Volunteer Interests”. 
  • From there you can choose any areas that may interest you but specifically “chapter volunteering” will identify you as being interested in Omicron Delta specific opportunities. 
  • Further down this page you will see opportunities that match your profile and you can “apply today” to any that you would like to be considered for. 

Viewing current opportunities

  • If you look at the top of this page you can click on the “volunteer” tab at the top and select “Volunteer Opportunities”. 
  • Near the top left hand side of the page you will see a yellow “filter” box. 
  • If you click on that box - under “communities” you can  select “Omicron Delta” and then click on “Apply Filter”.  This will allow you to see everything that our chapter currently has available.  
  • Here is a short 2 minute video if you have any questions!  Opting in to Volunteer!

If you have any trouble with the Volunteer System, please e-mail our chapter administrator who can help you.  Thanks!  e-mail:

2018 Omicron Delta Volunteers

Thank You to all of the Chapter Volunteers that have made a real difference in our chapter excellence this year!  

Debra Posey   Governance Committee Chair
Lisa Radesi   Eligibility Chair, Strategic Planning Task Force
Antoinette Dziedzic   Governance Committee, Strategic Planning Task Force
Angie Strawn   Governance Committee, Membership Engagement Committee, 20th Anniversary Task Force, Strategic Planning Task Force Chair, Finance Chair
Nancy Stuever   Scholarship Committee Chair, New Member Orientation Task Force
Vivan Green   Scholarship Committee   
Michelle Nichols   Scholarship Committee
Barbara Crump   Leadership Succession Chair, Service Committee, New Member Orientation Task Force
Kathryn Rudd   Leadership Succession Committee, Technology Committee
Rosemary Williams   Leadership Succession Committee, Service Committee
Donna Johnson   Leadership Succession Committee, Membership Engagement Committee
Marilyn Klakovich   Finance Committee, Service Committee Chair, Technology Committee Chair, Education Committee Chair, 20th Anniversary Task Force Chair, New Member Orientation Task Force Chair
Sandra Wise   Finance Committee
Alison Collins   Finance Committee, Technology Committee
Kerrie Downing   Membership Engagement Committee Chair, 20th Annivesary Task Force, New Member Orientation Task Force
Jerry Nevarez    Membership Engagement Committee   
Jennifer Taoka   Service Committee Mentee
Angie Cook   Technology Committee
Erica Boone   Leadershp Intern
Elizabeth Dietz   Education Committee, New Member Orientation Task Force; Strategic Planning Task Force
Karen Phillips   Education Committee
Monica Rasmussen   Education Committee
Arely Rego   Education Committee
Sheila Watson   Education Committee
Sandy Carter   Odyssey Planning Committee Representative, 20th Anniversary Task Force
Veronica Timple   Odyssey Planning Committee Representative
Pamela Bryant   20th Anniversary Task Force
Mary DeNicola   20th Anniversary Task Force
Pam Fuller   20th Anniversary Task Force
Roxanne Slates   20th Anniversary Task Force
Teena Evans   New Member Orientation Task Force
Sheila Watson   New Member Orientation Task Force